DSC Security Alarm System

We are pleased to provide pricing for a DSC Power Series security alarm system, service and monitoring.  Alpha Technologies and Alarm Systems, Inc. can provide your annual alarm system testing and maintenance.

Unit pricing:

Power Series 1616 Security System V4.6 KIT (16-Zone):

  • Includes 1 LCD keypad (RFK5501), 2-wired Dr contacts, Motion, Siren, Battery, 31X jack yard singe and window stickers.
  • Includes programming of purchased system & Monitoring.

3G/HSPA DSC Cellular Alarm Communicator:

3G/4G TG1 Express Cellular Alarm Communicator:

8-Zone Hardwire expander:

Hardwire LCD Keypad (PK5501):

Hardwire door contact:

Hardwire motion detector:

Wireless door or window sensor:

Wireless motion detector:

Wireless glass break detector:

Wireless smoke or heat detector:

Wireless carbon monoxide detector:

Wireless flood detector:

Key chain remote:

*Call for pricing*  Excludes: security cable, wired contacts, installation labor and permit.

Monitoring Services:

24 hours, 7 days a week system monitoring for troubles, supervisory and alarms.

Monitoring costs:    Standard Telephone W/ O&C      3G (Wireless) W/ Security Package

Residential                  $20.00 per month                       $40.00 per month

Commercial                 $25.00 per month                       $45.00 per month